Birthday party

  • 4. 5. 2019
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She quickly opened the kitchen door to make sure the vases ran out. Today she was celebrating her fifties, and as it is in women, she mainly receives flowers. She could not even describe what joy she had done, that she remembered so many people, and the flower would always make her happy, but she had no place to give it now.
Vase for Flowers
Fortunately, her older daughter went to the cellar for the preserves, which could be used beautifully as vases. Lydia laughed at it and asked her daughter to put the makeshift vases in the living room on the table, then take them to the winter garden. The daughter took up all those lilies, roses, gerberas, Kal and other beautiful flowers and carried them to the dining table as the mother wished. When she returned to the garden, her mother had already put three more bouquets in her hand. In a moment it will not be where to give, she thought her daughter, let alone what.