Do you like bathing?

  • 4. 5. 2019
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It is possible that you are a passionate devotees of water sports and pleasures. In winter, you are always pushing in the water parks or swimming pools, and in summer you can wake dams, ponds, lakes, former sand pits or quarries. When you first heard that there were some floating floors, you had a guarantee. You've already imagined how your passion will be suckled in your own apartment. But what was your disappointment when you went to see it and found that they were ordinary planks, collared tightly to each other, connected by an ordinary feather and groove, like any old decking!
A little mystery
No one actually knows exactly why the latest hit flooring is called just like this. Yeah, if it was a boat or a houseboat, but like that? Really a mystery. Which does not change the fact that it is a variant of durable, handsome, practical and easily installable in any space.