Forget about Prejuds and make your own opinion

  • 4. 5. 2019
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You know that. You go to the company (or maybe just drive to the family to visit) and you can hear it from all sides. Everyone complains about something, he warns you and everyone has a very different opinion on various topics. From experience you also surely know that the opinions of others only very sporadically reflecting the real reality and state of affairs and much more often are the result of personal prejuds or simply stupidity.
Not grass like grass
The above claims apply many times if there is an interview on marijuana seeds. If you get bogged down in a similar debate, you will surely hear a whole series of counter-asions. One thing is quite certain, there is no grass like "grass"-while the ordinary, growing up between the cubes on the sidewalk, does not excite anyone, marijuana provokes just the opposite reaction.