Game with numbers

  • 4. 5. 2019
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It's easy to inset the winning numbers, it's the so-called number game, and enter your betting slip with a variety of numbers that you'll think are happy and play with. It's really just a game with numbers and how your game has landed, you can look in online in our app Sportek check the bet slip. There you will find your players and if you have not won today, you do not have to hang your head, next time it will come out. Bet how many numbers you only want, you are limited by the number of columns, where you can not exceed the number of six numbers, you have a total of ten columns, so it is already a nice game with numbers.
Only lucky numbers win
It doesn't matter if you choose your own numbers, which you need with some important days in your life or a number that randomly chooses our terminal, the victorious can be from both variants.