Wear of furniture is inevitable

  • 4. 5. 2019
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Nothing lasts forever. Even the furniture wears off. It depends on the frequency of its use and the conditions in which it serves. It is evident that a daily used kitchen, still burdened with food preparation, frequent opening of cabinets, maintenance, washing Similarly, will be much sooner worn than the sectoral wall in the living room, or armchair, where usually no one sits, because your favorite The spot is on the couch. As the human body wears out, it wears everything.
There are no differences, everything is ageing
And so are the bedrooms. They are burdened daily. Not only mechanically. Keep in mind that the bedroom is in a certain climate during the day, but it's changing in the evening after your relief. Changing the room temperature may not be as crucial, but changing it is certainly moisture, because each person evaporates a certain amount of water and breathing leaves another moisture in the form of steam. All this, of course, is perceived by the furniture, even if it is treated.